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We have got locations all over Germany and a few properties in Austria. You have got different options to check if WeWash is already installed in your building:

  1. Check the notices in your building and check also the laundry room. Were the coin machines replaced with our wallboxes and were specific appliance labels attached to the devices? Then you can register and start washing!
  2. Download our app or register on www.we-wash.com and check if you can find a laundry room in your surrounding.
  3. Contact our support via support@we-wash.com. Our service team will provide you information.

There are different reasons:

  1. The retrofitting may take a few days. Eventually, the laundry room is already set up but not activated. Please read the notices in the display or contact us on support@we-wash.com. Our colleagues can provide you information if the appliances are already active and reservable.
  2. Please make sure that GPS is activated. You can check this easy in your phone or browser settings.
  3. If you have still problems to connect with your laundry room please contact us on support@we-wash.com
Of course! The advantage of our system is that you can check from your apartment / room if an appliance is available and reserve it non-binding. Since the payment is made automatically there is no need for a mobile phone reception in the laundry room.

Of course! We are happy to provide you information material. Please send an email to sales@we-wash.com and you will receive a first information package. Your recommendation will be rewarded! Please contact us when WeWash is successfully installed in your building.