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The billing with WeWash is uncomplicated and cashless. There is no longer time for collecting coins or buying washing tokesn! At the registration you give us the data for your preffered payment method (SEPA or credit card) once. Subsequently all washing and drying cycles are charged from this account.

Via app/web application
The payment is made automatically by starting the appliance. You receive a separate invoice for every cycle via email and you can also view and download it in your invoice overview.

Via landline phone
As a user of our telephone service you will receive a list of all washing and drying cycles by post at the beginning of the following month. This bill is for your information only. You do not have to do anything else. The debiting of the outstanding amounts is collected on the 5th of the following month from your deposited account. If the outstanding amount reaches the invoice limit of 20€ before the 5th of the following month, the debit will be arranged in advance.

Yes. Since all bookings are charged from this means of payment and the payment is made automatically, it is needed to enter a bank account or credit card. If you want to change your payment method, you can change it on your profile settings. As a phone user please call our customer service on 0800 93 92 742. Please do not send sensitive payment information via email!

If you have a new bank account or credit card you can change the submitted information easily.

Via app/web application

Please open the application and click on the menu. At “My profile” your current payment method is stored. There you can manage all data and add new or delete old payment methods. It is also possible to enter different payment methods and switch between them.

Via phone

Please contact us on 0800 94 92 742. We will update your data. Do not send sensitive payment data via email!

Credit card:
Sign in to the WeWash app. Click on “My Profile” in the menu, select “Change Payment” and select “Credit Card”. To verify your credit card, a one-time deduction of 1€ will be made on your credit card within a maximum of 24 hours. After accepting the credit card verification condition, please click “click here” in the information window and you will be automatically redirected to our payment service provider Mollie to enter your credit card information. Enter your data and click on “Pay Now”. Then, depending on your bank, you will be asked to provide your 2-factor authentication. Please enter the required data and confirm it. Your payment method is now deposited. Please click “Ok” in the information window to continue. WeWash does not store your payment data at any time. These are stored at our accredited payment service provider, which is subject to the European Banking Supervision’s Guidelines on Internet Payments Security and is monitored and audited by the Central Bank of the Netherlands DNB.

Sign in to the WeWash app. Click on “My Profile” in the menu, select “Change Payment” and select “Direct Debit”. Enter your IBAN and the name of the account holder, accept the SEPA Terms of use and click “Submit”.

After entering and submitting your account data, the verification phase starts. With the first debit of your washing or drying transaction on your bank account WeWash adds a six-digit verification code in the payment reference. The code is an individual combination of numbers and capital letters and is shown in the following way: WeWash-Code: 5GBSP9

To see the code completely, please go to the detail view of the transaction so the whole reference is displayed.

Please enter this code in the app at “My profile” -> “Payment method” after clicking the button “Verify”. Then your payment method is verified and an unrestricted use of our service is possible.

On September 14, 2019, the Payment Service Directive 2 comes into force. This includes the mandatory introduction of 2-factor authentication for online payments. At the latest from this point on you need an additional identification feature (e. g. pin) to use your credit card in online shops. This applies to all online retailers in the EU. If you have not yet enabled 2-factor authentication, please contact your house bank from which you received the card.

The second factor depends on your bank / credit institution. Please contact your house bank from which you received the card. They will help you with the set up and provide information about each factor.

Sign in to the WeWash app. On the start page you will see a notification that the payment has failed. Click on “Continue to debt payment” and select a valid payment method or enter a new valid payment method. Then click on “continue” and get to the second step. Please accept the terms and then click on “Pay Now!”. You will receive a confirmation email from us. If the outstanding invoices have been cleared, you can wash and dry again.

In parallel to the EU directive coming into force, we decided to implement a new payment provider, who applies the necessary process compliant and at highest data protection standards. In the transition phase (23.07.-12.08.) We did not charge any washing and drying cycles from credit cards. We have summarized these for you in one (maximum two) invoice (s). You can settle the open payment amount conveniently via click in the app.

On September 14th the Payment Service Directive 2 will come into force to further increase security of online payments. Part of this directive is the mandatory implementation of a 2-factor-authentification for online payments.In order to represent this in accordance with the law, we have chosen the new payment provider Mollie. Since your credit card or direct debit card details are not stored at WeWash, but at our payment service provider, we can not and should not take this step for you. For data protection reasons, you will be asked in the app to enter your payment details yourself again and to enter a PIN / TAN, depending on your bank.

During registration we ask you to enter only a few personal data. These are neccessary to allow a smooth handling. In particular these are your email address or phone number, your name and account data as well as the postal address of our telephone users. We also record for accounting purposes the individual washing and drying cycles (e.g. to create an invoice for you) with information about type of machine, time of usage, name of the laundry room etc.

All collected data can be viewed in the application under “My profile” and “booking history” and that is all. Apart from this no further personal data is analysed.

Yes. The data you submit to us when registering your user account and your payment details are stored on highly secure servers within the EU. Furthermore, we are subject to the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), which is one of the strictest data protection laws worldwide. Sensitive information, such as passwords, is also encrypted, so we do not even know your password at WeWash.

We work partly with service providers to process your data. These have been carefully selected and commissioned by us, are bound by our instructions and are regularly inspected. Our privacy policy provides you with more information about the service providers we use.

We are sorry that you do not want to be part of the WeWash family no more. Of course you can delete your data at any time. Contact us on or by mail to WeWash GmbH, Data protection officer, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 10, 80336 Munich.

We forward your data to third parties exclusively to process contractual relationships with you. A transfer of your data to third parties for other purposes than mentioned in the privacy policy does not take place. Please find further information about our service providers also in our privacy policy.

Upon termination of the contract with our previous payment service provider, all personal data will be deleted. Since your credit card or direct debit card data is not stored at WeWash, but at our payment service provider, you will be asked for data protection reasons in the app to enter your payment details yourself again. Further information about our service providers can also be found in our privacy policy.