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WeWash is a product and service of WeWash GmbH. Our headquarters are in Munich, and we were founded in 2016. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and are engaged in service concepts for communal washing machines and dryers.

We recognize that consumer needs have changed considerably in the course of urbanization and digitization. Against the backdrop of housing shortages in urban areas, rising rents and shrinking apartment sizes we need new approaches to washing and drying laundry.

Sharing concepts are extremely popular with users and have already redefined convenience in many areas of life today – so why not laundry too?

Existing approaches for communal machines create many frustrations for users and providers and are therefore often rejected. We are confident that WeWash will work smarter.

We simplify the settlement of communal washing machines and dryers and make them cashless and maintenance-free. We offer our service as well as for existing washing machines (WeWash Retrofit Kit) and we completely equip new laundry rooms (WeWash Full Service) no matter which manufacturer.
WeWash is suitable for current and future operators of communal laundry rooms, who want to benefit from a cashless and maintenance-free billing system. For example property managers, operators of student residences, hotels, housing companies, clinics and rehabilitation centers etc.

Our product is suitable for every kind of machine – under the condition that the connected washing machine or dryer is approved for commercial use. If you do not (yet) have own machines we are pleased to send you an offer for our Full Service. In this case we do not only provide a maintenance-free settlement system but also the washing machines and dryers.

  • No emptying of coin operated machines or balancing accounts manually as well as depositing the coins at the bank, no selling of washing tokens or charging of chips and cards by you or the user of the appliances.
  • Automatic and tax law conform settlement, free of charge for you and every user.
  • Free 7-day-hotline also on Sundays and public holidays as well as a support via the WeWash app. These communication methods make sure that the support and malfunction reports go directly to us without any need for your intervention.
  • Extensive service package inclusive: booking and payment of the washing machines and dryers via app as well as a push notification as soon as the laundry is ready.
  • Data protection compliant and secure data management through a direct connection to the WeWash system. No unsecure, manual readout of the user data needed.
  • Cheaper than a coin machine
  • No broken coin machines or lost sales
  • Efficient utilisation through a transparent booking system
  • No discussion over washing schedules and stolen laundry ensures happy guests and tenants
  • You read the information about WeWash
  • When requested we arrange a product demonstration on site.
  • Conclude the contract or order via Partnerboard
  • Delivery of the WeWash Retrofit-Kits / installation of Full Service/li>
  • Installation of the WeWash Retrofit-Kits by a qualified expert
  • Configuration of the appliance at the Partnerboard
  • Inform users
  • Enjoy WeWash!
Retrofit-Kit: With our RFK model we replace your current payment system in your laundry room with the WeWash hardware. Specifically, that means with a wallbox which is connected to the appliance. WeWash receives a revenue share of 20% on your specified price for one washing or drying cycle but with a minimum of 0,20 €.

Full Service: With our Full Service model WeWash takes care of everything: appliances, installation of the appliances and the completely equipping of the laundry room. WeWash receives a revenue share of 80% per washing or drying cycle, whereby the price conforms to the common market price (e.g. launderettes, comparison objects in the surrounding area. If desired, WeWash can do the cleaning of the appliances and therefore gets 100% of the revenue.