Citadines Arnulfpark Munich

Optimization of guest service
with digital communal washing machines

The Citadines Arnulfpark Munich is one of over 500 Citdines hotels worldwide. The laundrette is equipped with four Miele Professional appliances – two washers and two dryers.

WeWash Projekt Citadines

Token based solution inconvenient

The existing solution did not reflect the innovative character of the hotel and therefore could not hold up to the high expectations of guests and the hotel management alike. Guests had to buy washing tokens and detergent at the reception – inconvenient for them and the hotel. On the one hand international guests often did not have single Euro coins, on the other hand the solution was binding personnel and made unwanted cash handling necessary.

Utilization of existing machines aspired

Since April 2017 guests at Citadines Arnulfpark Munich can decide for themselves, if they want to book machines by using the WeWash App on their mobile phone or by using the reception – which has an own user account on the WeWash platform. With the WeWash App guests can reserve machines and are informed as soon as their laundry is done. The payment is done cashless via credit or debit card. This way guests can conveniently and autonomously use the machines, which leads to a reduced effort for the reception. Thanks to the digital solution also the accounting of revenues generated by the laundrette is transparent to the management.

Increased attractivity, less effort

Over 2000 laundry cycles have been conducted in 2017 via the WeWash system – cycles which had to be processed by the reception before.Residence Manager Christian Wiedemann is very satisfied with the solution, which he sees as an investment into the future:

“With the number and diversity of our guests the utilization of our laundry machines is very high, which meant high effort for our reception, too. The manual accounting, handing out washing tokens and the emptying of the coin dispensers bound a lot of resources. We rather invest this time into guest care. When we heard about WeWash and their connected solution in summer 2016 it was the logical step into the future for us. Hotels are a mirror of our society – therefore digitalization is an important aspect.”
Christian Wiedemann, Residence Manager

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About WeWash

WeWash offers you a comfortable and customized service. We either equip your communal laundry room with industrial washing machines or we retrofit your existing machines with our retrofit-kit. The result stays the same for you: saving costs and time. The industrial washing machines are branded products made in germany. They ensure outstanding wash results and product quality from BOSCH. The industrial washing machines are maintained by us and will be replaced when necessary. If you have functional existing appliances, it is very easy for us to take them over into a modern, cashless operation.