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Optimisation of guest care thanks to the digital communal coinless laundry machine

The Citadines Arnulfpark Munich is one of over 500 Citadines hotels in the world. The laundry room in Citadines Arnulfpark Munich – apartments is currently equipped with four Miele Professional OPL (on-premise laundry) machines – two washing machines and two dryers.

Citadines Room

Existing solution unsuitable

The pre-existing solution didn’t reflect the innovative character of the hotel and, thus, didn’t meet guests’ or operators’ expectations. So, prior to washing, wash tokens and detergent had to be acquired at reception – this is annoying for the guests and time-consuming for the hotel. On the one hand, international guests often didn’t have any euro coins on them to exchange and, on the other hand, this method required personnel resources and involved handling cash.

Citadines Bathroom

Existing machines should continue to be used

Since April 2017, the Citadines Arnulfpark has been counting on the WeWash Box. When booking machines, the guests get to decide whether they would like the support of the reception desk – which manages a central user account – or whether they would like to use the WeWash app themselves. By using the app, the hotel guests can reserve a coinless laundry machine and will be notified as soon as the machine is ready. Paying is convenient as it takes place via the deposited payment method (credit card or SEPA). This way, hotel guests are able to use the machines completely self-efficiently and relieve reception. Thanks to the digital solution, proof regarding revenue from wash and dry cycles becomes transparent for management as well.

Citadines Munich

Increased attractiveness, less effort

Over 2,000 wash and dry cycles were handled via the WeWash system in 2017 – transactions that reception previously needed to bill manually. Residence Manager, Christian Wiedemann, is very happy with the solution and considers it a good investment for the future.

“With the number and variety of our guests, the occupancy rate of our washing machines and dryers is very high and, thus, is the burden for our reception. Manual billing, dispensing wash tokens and emptying the coin counter involves a lot of personnel resources. We would rather invest this time in caring for our guests. So, when we heard about WeWash coinless laundry machines and their networked solution in the summer of 2016, it was a logical step for us to take towards the future. Hotels are the mirror of our society – therefore, digitalisation should not be lost here either.”
Christian Wiedemann, Residence Manager

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About WeWash

WeWash offers you a convenient service that’s tailor-made for you. After an automated laundry system review, we will either completely equip your communal laundry room with industrial washing machines or convert the existing inventory with our WeWash Box. The result will be the same for you: You’ll save money and time. The WeWash industrial washing machines are brand products made in Germany. They ensure excellent washing results and product quality from Bosch. We maintain the industrial washing machines on a regular basis and replace them if required. However, if you already have fully functional existing equipment, it is easier for us to use it and convert it into a modern, cashless operation.