With WeWash coinless laundry systems you save yourself unnecessary trips to the laundry room, you no longer have to fidget around for coins or buy wash tokens, and you’re always the first to know when your washing’s done.

  • Using our booking system, you can now book machines via the internet or our app, and being frustrated standing in front of full machines becomes a thing of the past because you always know whether a machine is free and you can it this for your own use.
  • Billing is cashless. So your hunt for small change is over!
  • As soon as your washing is ready, you will get a notification so you can remove it before others do.

WeWash saves you time and energy. Please also have a look at our short explanation video.

After a one-off registration, you will be provided with access to our simple booking system.

Via the WeWash app/internet application

Open the WeWash app or log in with your account at we-wash.com using the “Login” button -> “User Login”. You’ll immediately have access to a digital view of your laundry room. Above “Wash”/”Dry” and the respective price, you’ll find a number which indicates the machines available. By clicking the button, you can reserve a machine for free. Then, load and start the machine that has been assigned to you (you’ll recognise this based on the machine description, e.g. W2 or T1) as usual. The amount due will be automatically deducted from your deposited payment method and you’ll receive an invoice via email. As soon as the wash/dry cycle has ended, you will receive a push notification or email letting you know.

In case no machine of the preferred type is available, you can wait in the digital queue and you will get a notification as soon as you can wash/dry. Reservation then takes place automatically and you only need to load and start the machine within the reservation period.

Via WeWash app/desktop application

Access your app/laundry room. Above “Wash”/”Dry” and the respective price, you’ll find a number which indicates the number of machines available. If the button is grey, no machines of the corresponding type have been set up. If you see “0”, all the machines are currently busy. You can book a spot in the queue and you will get a notification when a washing machine or dryer is available. You’re then automatically given a reservation. You can check your position in the queue at any time in the app/internet application.

As soon as your laundry is ready, you will get a notification by email, push message or a call. The info-cards, which you’ll find in the upper area of the app home screen show you all relevant information regarding the status of you washing and drying cycles. Here, you can also see when your laundry is ready for pick up: “…Your laundry is ready for pick up”. You then have time to remove your laundry. Please note the collection time, because the machine may be booked by the next user after this. As soon as you have collected your washing, you can make the washing machine/dryer available for the next user via the function “I’m done”.

There are no additional costs by using WeWash. You continue to pay the operator’s set price for washing and drying. You can reserve machines on a non-binding basis. If you don’t use the machine, you don’t pay. Only the actual wash and dry cycles used are charged.

If you reserve a machine and then don’t need it, you can give your neighbour the booked time slot by cancelling the reservation.

No. You can finish your reservation via the “I’m done” button. This means that the machine is ready for use again. Please check whether the next machine really was assigned to you before starting it again in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Via the WeWash app/internet application

Payment is made automatically as soon as the washing machine or dryer starts. You receive a separate invoice for each cycle by email, and you can also view this in the section “Invoices” and download it. The costs are debited in real time from your chosen payment method stored in our app.

You can register additional payment methods at any time by clicking on “Profile”, Payment Methods” and selecting “Add Payment Method”.

By clicking on “Profile” and selecting “Payment Methods” (see image), you can see all your registered payment methods as well as their current status. By clicking on the payment method, you open the payment method details and can verify or delete the payment method, or select your standard payment method.

Payment Methods

No. WeWash is not changing any of the access rights to the laundry room. It remains accessible to exactly the same group of users as previously.

Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of our app. You can update this via the App Store or Google Play.