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As it is an electrical installation the RFKs must be only connected by an electrician. The connection to the Partnerboard could be done by the operator or administrator of the object.
Electrical installation

Every washing machine and every dryer must be connected to one separate RFK. The connection has to be done by an electrician. 230V-appliances as well as 400V heavy current appliances with a maximum power consumption of 11 kW can be connected to the RFK. An installation guide comes with the appliances.

Please see this video for additional information regarding electrical installation:

Setup of the “virtual” laundry room

After the installation of the hardware please setup the laundry room at the Partnerboard and thereby enable the users to book the appliances. Here, you set the prices for yourself. How this works, you will see in the following video:

Usage by the tenants

We provide you communication material to inform the users of your property.

The reservation of an appliance is always free of charge. Only if the appliance physically gets started and the washing or drying program starts the price per cycle is charged.
You can set the prices for each laundry room and each kind of appliance (washing machine / dryer) at the Partnerboard at any time.
Typically, there are three different parameters for the prices for communal appliances:

  1. cycles of usage – known from the typical washing token machines, e.g. “2€ per washing cycle”
  2. time of usage – known from the typical coin-operated timers, e.g .”50 cent for 30 minutes of power”
  3. power consumption – rather unusual

To keep the communication of the prices as easy as possible for the users WeWash offers a settlement on utilization cycles. So the user exactly knows how much he will be charged for the usage in advance.

The price for usage basically depends on three factors:

  1. Place – we will be happy to give you a personal consultation which prices are common in your surrounding and user group.
  2. Type of machine – typically, a drying cycle is offered a little bit cheaper than a washing cycle. These might vary according to the location.
  3. User – every user pays the same price for usage by default. In exceptional cases it is necessary to provide special prices for some users. Please contact us in this case for an individual solution.
No. WeWash is – just like you – interested in maximising the capacity utilization of machines – to offer the best service for the user on one hand and to ensure the rentability of the appliances via turnover on the other hand. For this reason a longterm reservation (“I want to wash on friday 7.30 pm”)is counter-productive.

With our automatic capacity management we ensure that no user has to walk in the laundry room for nothing and can start with washing as soon as possible without “jumping the line”.

If the appliances and RFKs are connected and the Partnerboard is set up, the laundry room is ready to use. Users can register via app / website as well as via landline phone. This is particulary attractive for people without a smartphone or internet access. The reservation is made via the same medium as the registration.

The usage is further on only possible for people which had had access to the laundry room before. Normally, these are only the tenants.

After the installation of the RFKs, the use of the appliances is only possible after previous reservation via WeWash. If the appliances need to be maintained or repaired the reservation function could be temporal limited deactivated.

No, WeWash does not change the access rights. Anyone who had not had access to your building or your laundry room so far will still not get it with WeWash.

We offer a customer hotline which is available from 7am – 9pm. Additionally, the app has a feedback function and there is a customer support email address.

Questions of the users will be dealt with by us. If they describe any malfunctions of the washing machines or dryers we will give verified feedback to you as the operator of the machines.