Renewal of direct debit credentials via web-app

Step-by-step instructions

To re-enter your SEPA payment method, the latest version of our app is required. Due to unexpected technical changes at Google Playstore, the latest app version cannot be downloaded. Therefore, here are some instructions on how to renew your SEPA payment data through the web app.

  1. Please go to, accessible via mobile and desktop PC
  2. Just sign in with your usual login credentials, you’ll be directly transferred to your payment details.
  3. To add a new payment method, click on “Direct Debit”.
  4. Enter your IBAN and the name of the account holder, accept the SEPA Terms of use and click “Submit”.
  5. Afterwards the WeWash app can be used as usual.

If it is the same IBAN as before and it is currently valid and verified, no re-verification is necessary. If you enter a new IBAN or if you have recently entered a new payment method which is currently in verification phase, it is necessary to enter the verification code for an unrestricted use of our service. The verification code can be found in the WeWash debits in the payment reference of your bank statement. Please find here further information on verification of payment method.