Reserl in Munich South

Modern student apartment counts on digital shared washing machines

The Reserl in the south of Munich is one of the most modern student apartment houses in the country. It is located in a top position and stands for lifestyle and comfort. Each one of the individual apartments adapts to the demands of the 300 students and not the other way round. The laundry room should reflect these high standards.

WeWash Projekt Reserl

Search for a appropriate solution

Investors, operators and the project team planned a student residence which should exceed the usual services in this field. They looked for exceptional and convenient solutions in every field of student living. The concept attracts above all foreign students. But also for the field of washing a special solution had to be found. An ordinary laundry room in the cellar was not an option. Rather it was intended to create an attractive laundry area in the public part of the residence. The area should be inviting and should encourage the inhabitants to meet other inhabitants, to learn or simply have a coffee together while washing.

Washing and design

As a part of the new project the WeWash Full Service solution was realized. Therefore six WeWash washing machines and dryers were implemented. For the realization of the design concept WeWash cooperated with the company ‘Designkonzept’. The result is the washing lounge 4.0. The attractive design of the laundry area is helping that the laundry care is not the focus but rather the shared service. The washing machines and dryers were integrated in an enviroment which design fits to the principal theme of the whole building. Different designs like rainforest, flower meadow or universe give the students the feeling to be at another place.
The innovative washing service can be operated easily by the inhabitants and complements to their rythm. Booking and reservation prevent congestions at the appliances. When the laundry is ready and the students are engrossed in conversations or their work, WeWash gently reminds them to pick up their laundry. The payment is processed convenient via app. Coins are not needed anymore, which reflects the spirit of the time.

WeWash Projekt Reserl

Modern service is convincing

In the newly established washing lounge students have the oppurtunity to exchange views with their fellow students while doing their laundry. The WeWash solution promises the students highest comfort combinded with innovative design. As students see the usage of digital services as a part of their daily life the service was well accepted without any need for explanation. Outstanding design combined with highest possible functionality. That is what user expect from a modern service.

Min Mai (chinese student): 如果我以前知道这个宿舍提供这项服务,我会更喜欢这个决定更容易。我喜欢使用洗衣服务。我不相信这是多么容易。我不必在家里这样做,因为我的母亲总是这样做。
(If I had known before that the student residence offers a service like this, the decision would have been easier for me. I love to use the laundry service. I have never thought how easy this could be. At home I did not need to do the laundry because my mother did.)

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WeWash offers you a comfortable and customized service. We either equip your communal laundry room with industrial washing machines or we retrofit your existing machines with our retrofit-kit. The result stays the same for you: saving costs and time. The industrial washing machines are branded products made in germany. They ensure outstanding wash results and product quality from BOSCH. The industrial washing machines are maintained by us and will be replaced when necessary. If you have functional existing appliances, it is very easy for us to take them over into a modern, cashless operation.