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  • It is no Wlan connection needed for the operation of WeWash. The wallboxes operate with a conventional GSM mobile phone connection. That is why we only need mobile phone reception – no matter which provider (e.g. Telekom, Vodafone, O2 etc.).
  • It is possibe to use an additional weatherproof antenna if the mobile phone reception is not available. If needed we can install the antenna outside the laundry room (up to 30 meters). In this case a cable connection between the RFK and the antenna is needed. Often, it is possible to check the need beforehand. One antenna per laundry room costs 39,99€.
Every professional machine could be used with WeWash – no matter which year of construction, brand or machine type. It is possible to connect common 230 Volt or especially effective 400 Volt high power appliances with up to 3 phases. In any case the switchable power is limited to 16A per phase – in case of a higher electricity demand than 16A we are pleased to offer you an individual solution.
  • As for the operating of your machines without WeWash every machine connection must be separately secured via sufficient overload protection and as well a GFCI.
  • Also a mains isolator is mandatory for commercial operation. That means the opportunity, also for the user, to disconnect immediately and riskless from the mains (e.g. via emergency power cut-off switch or a easily accessible plug and socket connection).
  • For the operation only a GSM mobile phone reception is needed – no internet connection or Wlan. By connecting an external antenna it is possible to optimize the connection – especially during bad weather conditions – or to install the antenna outside the laundry room.
  • If you operated a program-controlled machine before the installation of WeWash (user pays for a washing program and not for a time unit, e.g. one Euro for 30 minutes of power supply of the machine) the control unit must be reset to “Normalbetrieb” by a technician. If the machine also works without a coin machine no modification is needed.
  • For the use of WeWash just one of the following devices is needed:
    • Standard landline or mobile phone
    • OR: web-connected computer
    • OR: web-connected smartphone
  • For payment very user needs
    • an european current account for payment via SEPA direct debit scheme
    • OR a credit card of VISA or MasterCard