• In order to operate WeWash coinless laundry systems, you don’t need WLAN in your basement. The wall boxes work with a conventional GSM mobile phone connection. Therefore, all you need is mobile phone reception – it doesn’t matter which provider (e.g. Telekom, Vodafone, O2, etc.).
  • If there is no mobile phone reception, you can work with a reinforced weatherproof antenna that can also be installed outside of the laundry room (up to 30 m away), if necessary. In this case, a cable connection between the WeWash Box and the antenna is required. Often we will be able to check if this is required in advance.
All types of commercial laundry machines can be used with WeWash service, regardless of manufacturing date, brand or type of machine. Standard 230V machines as well as particularly powerful 400V heavy current devices with up to 3 phases can be connected. In every case, the switchable current is limited to 16A per phase – in unusual cases where more current is required than 16A, we can offer you a tailor-made solution.
  • Just as for the operation of your machines without WeWash, every machine connection must be separated via a sufficient overload protection (16A) as well as a ground fault circuit interrupter.
  • In commercial operations, a mains disconnecting device is also always mandatory, i.e. an option whereby even the user can disconnect the machine from the network quickly and easily in the case of a fault (e.g. via a mains isolator switch or an easily accessible plug and socket connection).
  • Only a GSM mobile phone reception is required for operation – no internet connection, e.g. WiFi. Through the connection via an external antenna, there is also the option of improving the connection if the reception conditions are poor, i.e. by installing the antenna outside of the laundry room.
  • If you have been operating a machine with programmable functions prior to the installation of WeWash (the user doesn’t pay for a time unit, e.g. one euro for 30 minutes of power, but for a wash programme), this setting will have to be reset to “standard operation” by a technician. If the machine works without a coin system, no adjustment is necessary.

In order to be able to use the WeWash app, all you need is one of the following devices:

  • Standard landline phone or mobile phone
    • OR: Computer with an internet connection
    • OR: Smartphone with an internet connection

For payment, every user needs:

  • either a bank account with a bank that takes part in the SEPA system
  • OR a credit card (common card types such as Visa, MasterCard or Amex and others are supported)
  • Alternatively, there are various other online payment methods available, such as PayPal, Apple Pay and SofortBanking (Instant Banking), for example.