About Us: Where We Come From, Where We Are Going?

From innovative BSH spin-off to market leader in digital billing systems for commercial laundry rooms.

We are passionate about making communal washing and drying attractive for everyone involved. That’s why we at WeWash GmbH have been working on service concepts for shared washing machines and dryers since 2016. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, and part of the Bosch Group.

How It Began

Philip Laukart and Dr Rafael Kirschner came up with the idea for WeWash during their joint work at BSH on consumer needs around washing machines and dryers. In the process, they recognised that these have changed significantly in the course of urbanisation and digitalisation. Housing shortages in conurbations on the one hand, sharing concepts that are becoming increasingly popular and have already redefined convenience in many areas of life on the other. Nevertheless, existing approaches to the use of washing machines and dryers in communal laundry rooms were often associated with stress and frustration. The two were convinced: this does not have to be the case – and with WeWash they have proven that there is a clever solution for this.

Our Mission

We make communal laundry attractive for everyone – operators as well as users. Shared use of washing machines and dryers is not only becoming increasingly important due to space constraints in metropolitan areas, it is also beneficial to the environment. From 1970 to 2017, global resource use has more than tripled. 62 % of global CO2 emissions are generated in the extraction, processing and production of goods to meet society’s needs. By sharing, we can contribute to sustainable consumption. Our WeWash Box makes it easy to convert old appliances. This spares the purchase of new equipment. When new equipment is needed, we use energy-efficient machines from Bosch with our WeWash Care model. With our WeWash solution, we save time and nerves for everyone involved, while taking care of the environment.

Our Milestones

01-2016 | Foundation

On 7 January 2016, the time has come – CEO Philip Laukart and COO Dr Rafael Kirschner join WeWash GmbH as the first employees from the parent company BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

03-2017 | Go-live

After a good year of intensive work, the WeWash App is launched in spring 2017 and the first laundry room equipped with a WeWash Box is launched.

11-2017 | Nest des Flamingos

At SoApart 2017, WeWash wins the innovation pitch “Nest des Flamingos” (i. e. Nest of the Flamingo) – and has since conquered the temporary housing segment.

11-2017 | New Office

In the meantime, more and more employees are working on the WeWash solution. As a result, WeWash moved to larger premises at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz at the end of 2017.

12-2017 | Innovation Award

In December 2017, WeWash is honoured with the Robert Bosch Innovation Award. The two founders and managing directors accept the award in the category “Business Models”.

07-2018 | 1st Laundry Room Abroad

In July 2018, WeWash equipped the first laundry room in another European country. Soon, more will follow in other countries.

07-2020 | App Relaunch

Since July 2020, the WeWash App 2.0 has been available with a new design, new features, the latest technology and an improved user journey for an optimal user experience.

11-2020 | Class Foundation Award

At the Class Conference 2020, WeWash receives The Class Foundation Award in the category: The Class Best PropTech Award. The laundry room becomes a meeting place.

09-2021 | Equipment of The Fizz

With The Fizz Utrecht, the Netherlands, in September 2021, WeWash equipped for the first time a property with almost 700 residential units – one of the largest projects to date.

04-2022 | Biggest Laundry Room

This milestone was surpassed the very next year – in April 2022, the largest laundry room to date went live at District Living in Vienna, Austria.

06-2023 | 250.000 Users

WeWash serves more and more segments and equips more and more communal laundry rooms. In 2023, WeWash celebrates 250,000 users of the WeWash App.

We Are WeWash

WeWash is run by a dedicated and open-minded team led by managing directors Philip Laukart and Dr Rafael Kirschner.

Where We Come From?

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and part of the Bosch Group. Founded as a spin-off in 2016, we are now one of the service brands in the BSH portfolio. Our customers benefit from the close-knit Bosch technical network and Bosch appliances developed exclusively for us.

Our Partners

In order to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliability, we collaborate with strong partners.

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