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WeWash. Shine Bright.

Goodbye coin machines – WeWash is revolutionizing your laundry room! The cashless settlement and a maintenance-free system reduce demonstrably and sustainably your effort.

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Cashless settlement

Collecting coins, selling washing tokens, balancing accounts manually, depositing the coins at the bank with high fees: all that is a thing of the past!

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Preservationof assets

Protect your property from water damage and mold! With a comfortable service, that feels like having your own machine.

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Cut costs

Manual processes related to shared laundry rooms are inefficient and cost-intensive. We automate your laundry room from A to Z!

Equip your laundry room now:

Retrofitting of existing appliances
Equip a completely new laundry room


Best practices

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Apartments & Hotels

Little space and high fluctuation confront serviced apartments and hotels with challenges in laundry care. Offer a service which feels like washing at home.

Citadines Arnulfpark Munich

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Real Estate

Discussions about the laundry schedule, broken coin machines, missing laundry – conflicts are predictable! Save your tenants’ time and nerves and at the same time your money! Cashless payment enables process optimization and decreases costly cash deposit.

The “Reserl” in Munich South

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Wohnhaus mit WeWash Ausstattung

Project developer

Efficient room planning and optimized floor plans are essential! The space for washing machines and dryers could be used for other things, at the same time your tenants ask for a reliable service and dependable planning. A washing experience – as convenient as in your own home.

The “Reserl” in Munich South

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at a glance

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About WeWash

WeWash helps you to save valuable resources. You no longer need a coin machine to operate your communal laundry room. There is no need of inconvenient selling of washing tokens or emptying the coin machine. Likewise, you no longer have to bother about balancing accounts manually or go to the bank and pay high fees to deposit all the coins. Not only you substantially relieve your work, but also your tenants and users of the laundry room will thank you for this improvement, as the topic laundry will also be much more comfortable. With us the coin machine becomes a relic of yesterday, WeWash makes your laundry room cashless.