WERK1 – The Start-up Place in Munich: Now Also with Co-living, Including Shared Laundry Room

Since the beginning of 2013, WERK1 has been home to digital start-ups and co-workers in the Werksviertel-Mitte at Ostbahnhof. Thanks to its start-up incubator, two co-working spaces, as well as a café, conference areas and a variety of events, it is a central contact point for digital companies in Munich. In summer 2023, the space was expanded with the new WERK1.4 building and the first co-living concept for start-ups in Munich was opened.

WERK1 has been a meeting place for digital start-ups and the start-up scene in Munich for 10 years. Now the offer has been expanded and start-ups and scale-ups have the opportunity to rent flats for their employees and guests and thus offer them accommodation. 63 fully equipped flats are available and can be booked temporarily for one to six months. High-speed internet is of course available to residents and weekly cleaning is also included. Guests also benefit from contact and access to the start-up scene and an international environment, they can use the co-working and community facilities and take part in events.

In addition to the approximately 18 square metre, modern flats with a small kitchenette and bathroom, there are areas for communal use, such as a large kitchen and a roof terrace, where people can socialise and spend time together. There is also a shared laundry room to make everyday tasks easier. WERK1 relies on WeWash and has opted for the WeWash Care model. There are two washing machines and two dryers in a chic INOX design in the laundry room, where you can also dry and iron your laundry.

Apart from the administrative convenience offered by the all-round worry-free WeWash Care package – significantly less effort for the team, a high-quality equipped laundry room with Bosch professional appliances with no capital expenditure, a simple and convenient digital service for guests and a free support team that laundry room users can turn to if necessary – WERK1 also chose WeWash because of their shared history. From its foundation in January 2016 until the end of 2017, WeWash rented offices in WERK1 and developed its business idea here. “To see that WeWash boxes are now hanging here and operating successfully where we tested our idea seven years ago and brought it to life makes me very proud,” says Philip Laukart, founder and CEO of WeWash. The machines have been in operation at WERK1 since June last year and the service has been well received by the tenants.

“Thanks to WeWash, We Have No Additional Effort and Still Have a Cool Benefit”

Interview with Hannah Frühbeis, Co-living Manager at WERK1


WeWash: Why did you decide to use a digital system for the laundry room? To what extent did WeWash offer you an optimal solution?

As a digital start-up centre, WERK1 generally attaches great importance to ensuring that all processes are as simple as possible for our residents. In our new co-living concept in particular, it was therefore especially important to us that our residents can cope without our staff at all times. With a digital booking process, online check-in, and a mobile key, you can go through our entire customer journey with just your smartphone.

As WeWash not only fits perfectly into our concept with its digital user interface, but is also a former WERK 1 start-up, it was immediately clear to us who would be responsible to equip the laundry room for our community.”


How satisfied are you with the WeWash solution?

“We are very happy with the WeWash service and have only received positive feedback from our co-living residents!
We’ve been using the application for almost six months now and haven’t had any problems with the machines or the software itself.”


What benefits does the WeWash solution offer you personally?

“The biggest advantage is probably that we don’t have to worry about anything.
As there is no space for a washing machine in our flats, it was simply important to us to offer residents the opportunity to do their laundry without having to walk to the nearest launderette. The machines are booked and paid for entirely via WeWash, which is why we don’t have any additional work involved and can still offer the cool benefit of having our own laundry room in the building.”


How has the service been accepted by your residents? Is the digital solution appreciated?

“All residents are very satisfied with the ease of use of WeWash and use our laundry room very often. Luckily, we still have a few free water connections in case we need to add a machine or two when we are running at full capacity.”


Were you satisfied with the cooperation with WeWash and our processes? Would you recommend working with WeWash to others? 

“We were and continue to be extremely satisfied with the collaboration with WeWash and with all processes and would recommend it to others at any time.”

January 2024

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About WeWash

WeWash offers you a convenient service tailored to your needs. We can either equip your shared laundry room free of charge with commercially approved washing machines and dryers. Or we can retrofit your existing equipment with our WeWash Box. The result is the same for you: cost and time savings. The professional machines are manufactured by Bosch exclusively for WeWash and ensure excellent washing and drying results. However, if you have existing machines that are in a good working condition, we can easily retrofit them to modern, cashless operation – regardless of brand or type. Users of your laundry room will benefit from an easy-to-use, digital service and will be able to book machines, check the status of their laundry and pay digitally via the WeWash App.