We Wash is located all over Germany and now we also have some locations in Austria. You can check quite easily whether WeWash is installed in your building or not. Here are the different ways how to check:

  1. Take a look at the notice board and pay a visit to your laundry room. Have the coin counters been replaced by our wall boxes, and have specific machine designations been attached to the devices? If yes, then you just have to register and off you go!
  2. Download the WeWash app or register at we-wash.com and check whether you can find a laundry room close by.
  3. You can as well send us an email to support@we-wash.com. Our service staff will be happy to help you.

This could be for several reasons:

  1. The setting-up process can take a few days. Perhaps the laundry room has already been set up, but it is not yet activated. Have a look at the notice board in your laundry or send us an email at support@we-wash.com. Our staff will be able to tell you whether the machines are already active and bookable.
  2. Please make sure that you have activated GPS/location detection. You can check this really easily in your phone/browser settings.
  3. If you still have problems connecting to your laundry room, please contact us at support@we-wash.com.
Of course! What’s great about our system is that you can already check from your apartment/room whether a machine is free and then reserve it on a non-binding basis.Depending on the payment option you have chosen, payment is made either automatically after the end of the washing or drying cycle (“Automatic”) or you pay the invoice manually from your apartment/room after the washing or drying cycle. This means that, with either payment options, you do not need a mobile phone connection in the laundry.
Of course! We will be happy to help you in doing so by sending you our information materials. Simply send an email to sales@we-wash.com and you will soon receive your first information package. And recommendations are rewarded! Come back to us as soon as WeWash has been successfully installed in your building.