WeWash is a product and a service of WeWash GmbH. Our head office is in Munich and we were founded in 2016. We are a 100% subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and we deal with commercial laundry machine service concepts covering all aspects of communal washing machines and dryers.

We recognised early on that consumer needs are changing fast when it comes to urbanisation and digitisation. In the context of housing shortages in conurbations, increasing rent and shrinking flat sizes, we need a new approach when it comes to the washing and drying of laundry.

Sharing concepts are popular amongst users and have redefined the idea of convenience in many aspects of modern life – so why not make use of it too, when it comes to laundry?

Existing approaches for communal machines are associated with many frustrations for users and operators and are, therefore, often rejected. We are convinced that this can be managed in a smarter way.

We simplify the billing of your community washing machines and dryers and make it cashless and convenient. We offer our service for existing machines (WeWash Box) and also provide entirely new laundry room equipment (WeWash Care) independent of the machine manufacturer.

WeWash is suitable for current and future operators of community washing facilities that wish to benefit from a coinless laundry and maintenance-free billing system. So, for instance, property managers, housing construction companies, campsites as well as operators of student residences, hotels, serviced apartments and micro apartments.

Our product is suitable for any type of machine – provided that the connected washing machine or dryer is approved for commercial use. In case you don’t have a washing machine (yet), we are happy to make an offer for WeWash Care. In this case, we don’t only provide a billing system, but also/as well the machines.