Because our commercial laundry machine service is an electrical installation, the WeWash Boxes must be connected and installed by an electrician. Connecting with the Partner Board can be done by the property’s operator or manager.
Electrical connection

Each washing machine and dryer in your laundry room must be connected to a separate WeWash Box. The connection must be made by a qualified electrician. Both 230V machines and 400V heavy current machines with a maximum power consumption of 11 kW can be connected to the WeWash Box. The devices come with an installation manual.

Setting up a “virtual” laundry room

After the hardware has been installed, set up the laundry room in the Partner Board and, thus, enable your users to book the machines. You also determine the usage prices here.

Use by tenants

In order to inform the users of your property, we provide you with various communication materials.

The reservation of a machine is always free. The price per cycle will only be charged once the machine is physically started and the wash / dry program begins.

You can adjust the prices for each laundry room and for each machine type (washing machine/dryer) in the partner board at any time.

In general, there are three different assessment bases for the prices for communal machines:

  1. Use cycles – known from the typical wash token meters, e.g. “€2 per wash cycle”
  2. Duration of use – known from the typical coin counter, e.g. “50 cents for 30 minutes electricity”
  3. Electricity use – rather unusual

In order to keep the communication of prices as simple as possible for users, WeWash offers billing based on the use cycles. This means that the user knows, even before he/she starts, precisely how much his/her laundry is going to cost.

The use price is fundamentally based on three factors:

  1. Location – we will be happy to advise you personally on the market prices that are standard for your location and user group.
  2. Machine type – traditionally, the drying cycle is somewhat cheaper than the wash cycle. However, this can vary depending on the location.
  3. User – every user pays the same price for a use. In exceptional cases, however, it can be necessary to offer some users special prices. In this case, please contact us and we will create a tailor-made solution for you.

No. It is as important to WeWash as it is to you that the machines always operate at the highest capacity possible, in order to offer users the best possible service on the one hand and also to guarantee the cost-effectiveness of the machines via use on the other hand.
For this reason, a long-term reservation (“I’d like to do my washing on Friday at 7:30 p.m.”) is counter-productive.

Thanks to our automated capacity management service, we can guarantee that no users will have to make a journey to the laundry room for nothing and that it will be their turn as quickly as possible and without any queue jumping.

Once the machines have been connected to the WeWash Boxes and the Partner Board has been set up, the laundry room is ready for use. Users can register via the WeWash app/website as well as via a landline phone. This is especially interesting for people who do not own a smartphone/do not have internet access. Reserving a machine takes place via the medium of registration.

Only people who have access to the laundry room will continue to be able to use the machines, i.e. usually only the tenants.

After the WeWash Boxes have been installed, using the machines only becomes possible after previous reservation via WeWash. If the machines should, for instance, need to be serviced or repaired, the reservation function can be temporarily deactivated.

No, WeWash won’t be changing your access rights. Anyone who wasn’t authorised to access your building or your laundry room before, will not be authorised now by WeWash.

We offer a call centre service which is open between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. In addition, there’s a “feedback” function in the app as well as a Customer Services email address.

User questions are processed by us and if any defects in the washing machines / dryers are being reported, we will provide you, the operator, with verified feedback.