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  • The costs for one RFK are currently (02/2019) 249,00€ plus VAT. For every machine a separated RFK is necessary. On top of that there could be the costs for the electrical installation.
  • In case of the retrofitting model WeWash keeps 20% sales fee on your specified price of usage for one washing or drying cycle but with a minimum of 0,20 €.
  • In case of the full service package WeWash is the operator of the laundry room and provides the appliances. That includes the customer service, maintenance and reparation of appliances and replacement in case of malfunctions as well as the cleaning of the appliances. Without any initial costs for you. For this WeWash keeps 100% of the revenue from washing and drying cycles.

The prices are exklusively set by you for every type of machine (washing machine or dryer). They are adjustable at any time at the partnerboard. With WeWash the usage for the tenants does not get more expensive, but it gets more comfortable.


As the operator of the laundry room WeWash sets the prices for washing and drying in conjunction with you. The pricing is determined by the going market rates.

  • As a partner you get your collected revenue shares monthly transferred to your account. The credit note with all fiscal and accounting data will be send out at the same time via email, and can also be viewed afterwards at the partnerboard.
  • Only if the users starts a reserved appliance the amount due will be debited from the account of the user. The previous reservation is free of charge.

There are initial costs for the acquisition of hardware. As before, running costs incurr for electricity and water consumption as well as wear and tear of the washing machines and dryers during operation.


There are no initial costs for this, therefore WeWash keeps all revenues from washing and drying cycles. You as a partner bear the usage-related costs for electricity and water.


The WeWash Retrofit-Kit is maintenance-free. In the event of technical malfunctions please contact our support via support@we-wash.com. As the operator you are still responsible for the maintenance of the appliances.


WeWash, as the operator of the laundry room, is responsible for maintenance and servicing of appliances and hardware.