WeWash Box: Digital billing for your communal laundry room

With the WeWash Box we digitalise your existing washing machines and dryers. Replace the coin-operated machines with our maintenance-free hardware, which can do so much more!

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Managing a communal laundry can be a challenge and very time-consuming. WeWash – part of the BOSCH Group – has the solution!

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Cashless and fully tax-compliant accounting

You can forget about having to empty coin dispensers, manual billing, and taking cash to the bank. Using our WeWash ‘Partner dashboard’ you have all the information you need easily accessible in one place including revenue earned, and an analysis showing how much each machine has been used. And each month we will send you a fully tax compliant statement confirming your revenue share.

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Cheaper to run than coin-operated machines and also suitable for smaller numbers of machines

You need one WeWash Box per machine. The initial setup costs (depending on the option chosen) are cheaper than any of the coin-operated machines commonly used in the industry. We cover all our costs with a flat 20% revenue share of the price set by you for washing and drying. There are no additional service charges for you to pay.

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Any machine can be retrofitted

The WeWash solution is compatible with all the commonly used washing machines and dryers, regardless of the make, model and age of the machine. It works with Miele Professional, AEG or Electrolux. WeWash provide the right WeWash Box for each type of machine. They can be fitted to the machines by amateurs, electricians or maintenance technicians in just a few minutes. Our WeWash Boxes are VDE* approved and manufactured in Germany.

*VDE = certified by the German Association of Electrical Technicians

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Easy payment

We take over the billing directly with the user. Payment is entirely cashless. Users can choose between different digital payment methods, thus retaining full control over costs.

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Digital services and free support for your users

Using our app, website or by phone, your users can easily check if there is a machine available, book it and receive a message as soon as their washing is ready to collect. And we provide free customer support for you and your customers 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

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No internet connection required

There is no need for Wi-Fi or LAN connection in your laundry room. Thanks to integrated and redundant network connections, the WeWash Box works in every laundry room. We supply our own data connection using our integrated SIM-card.

Please note that this product is not available in all countries. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with further information.
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„When we heard about WeWash and their connected solution in summer 2016 it was the logical step into the future for us. Hotels are a mirror of our society – therefore digitalization is an important aspect." Christian Wiedemann, Residence Manager, Citadines Arnulfpark Munich WeWash ist ein innovatives Konzept für große Wohnobjekte mit kleinen Wohneinheiten. Hausverwalter aus Berlin Read case study >> "After the implementation of WeWash Care we are extraordinary satisfied with the situation in our laundry room. Our tenants got used to the new situation very fast and we do not have any complaints. WeWash lightens our administrative workload – a big thank you for that. It was a good decision!" Elisabeth Harlandt, Managing Director Bartels & Harlandt GmbH, Münster WeWash ist ein innovatives Konzept für große Wohnobjekte mit kleinen Wohneinheiten. Hausverwalter aus Berlin „We had several criteria for the laundry room in our co-housing and WeWash offered the perfect answer. The machines are high-quality and easy to use and no expensive installation was required to install the machines. In addition, the app ensures a proper organization of the use of the machines. Moreover, the app fits completely into the lifestyle of our tech-savvy young tenants. We only had positive feedback" The Soap Factory Isaline Van den Abbeele, Manager The Soap Factory, Brussels WeWash ist ein innovatives Konzept für große Wohnobjekte mit kleinen Wohneinheiten. Hausverwalter aus Berlin "At first we were concerned regarding the compatibility of the devices and the connection. However, we noticed how easy and smooth the integration is. We are convinced of the product and happy to add WeWash to our portfolio and we recommend it to our customers as an alternative to the classical coin operated washing machines and dryers. The settlement system is easy and economical therefore we consider to operate our own communal laundry rooms." Maximilian Maier, Manager Küchenstudio, Elha-Service GmbH, Munich WeWash ist ein innovatives Konzept für große Wohnobjekte mit kleinen Wohneinheiten. Hausverwalter aus Berlin “With WeWash laundry care is more practical. You can check from home the occupation status of the appliances – via mobile phone or landline.“ Ursula J. (72), User, Berlin WeWash ist ein innovatives Konzept für große Wohnobjekte mit kleinen Wohneinheiten. Hausverwalter aus Berlin

Best practices

Apartments & Hotels

Apartments & hotels

Little space and a high turnover are challenging for the operators of serviced apartments and hotels when it comes to laundry care. Offer a service that enables a washing experience almost as good as at home.

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Citadines Arnulfpark Munich

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Housing Industry

Housing industry

Arguments regarding booking plans, damaged coin counters, lost laundry – conflicts are guaranteed! Save your tenants energy and time, and yourself a lot of money! Cashless payment enables process optimisation and saves you costly cash deposits.

Logo Reserl

Reserl in the South of Munich

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Project Developer

Project developer

Efficient room planning and optimised floor plans are key! The space that the washing machine and dryer take up in the bathroom or kitchen can be better used. At the same time, tenants want a reliable service and planning security. A laundry experience – as convenient as in your own home.

Logo Reserl

Reserl in the South of Munich

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About WeWash

Do you have a laundry room for your tenants in your rental building? If the answer is yes, then you know all about the downsides of providing a laundry room. Having to provide small change, emptying the coin counter, carrying the coins to and from the bank, appointments for changing small change into wash tokens, etc. WeWash frees you from burdensome laundry room tasks. Turn your communal laundry room into a cashless zone! We will transform your laundry room into an online facility where all the processes, such as booking, availability information and even payment can be done digitally. This will not only make your life easier, but for your users, too. Register for free or make an appointment for a non-binding consultation.