Reserl in the South of Munich

Reserl to the south of Munich is one of the most modern student apartment complexes in the country. It is situated in a superb location and is a shining example of how to deliver a strong lifestyle experience combined with a high level of comfort. Each individual apartment meets the requirements of the nearly 300 students, not the other way around. These requirements should also be reflected in the communal laundry machine offered.

Looking for a Suitable Solution

The investor, the operator and the project team planned a student residence that that would deliver a whole new level of service, greatly exceeding normal student expectations. The concept is targeting the needs of international students in particular.

There should also be a special solution with regard to washing. A communal laundry room in the basement was out of the question. Rather, an attractive washing area in the public area of the residence was to be set up. The area was to be designed to look inviting and energise students so that instead of the task of doing their laundry being a chore for them, it became an opportunity to meet other residents, study or just have a coffee together.

Washing and Design

The WeWash Care solution was implemented in connection with this new automated laundry system review. For this purpose, six WeWash washing machines and dryers were each set up. In order to implement the design concept, the Munich office collaborated with the Designkonzept company. Waschlounge 4.0 is the result. Thanks to the attractive design of the washing area, the focus is not on laundry but on a shared service. The washing machines and dryers are integrated into a surrounding whose design matches the theme of the building. Various designs such as rainforest, flower meadow or universe give the users a sensation of being in a different place.

The users are able to optimally operate this innovative communal laundry service, which adjusts to their rhythm. Being able to book and reserve the devices prevents a queue from forming at the machines. If the laundry is done and the students are in the middle of a conversation or their work, WeWash sends them a friendly reminder that their laundry is ready for pick up. Billing takes place conveniently through the app and, thus, eliminates the need for small change. This is in tune with the spirit of the times.

Positively Modern Service

In the newly founded Wasch-Lounge, students have the option of washing their laundry and chatting with their fellow students at any time. The WeWash solution promises students the highest level of comfort together with an innovative design. Because the students consider using the digital offer as part of their everyday life, the service was immediately accepted without the need for further explanation. Best design combined with best possible functionality. That’s exactly what today’s users expect from a modern service.

Min Mai (Chinese student): 如果我以前知道这个宿舍提供这项服务,我会更喜欢这个决定更容易。我喜欢使用洗衣服务。我不相信这是多么容易。我不必在家里这样做,因为我的母亲总是这样做。
(“If I had known earlier that this student residence offered this service, my decision to move here would have been easier. I love using this laundry service. I wouldn’t have believed how easy it could be. At home, I never had to do it because my mum always took care of it.”)

June 2018

The property is now operated under the brand “Die Zimmerei”.

Individual Offer on Request

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About WeWash

WeWash offers you a convenient service tailored to your needs. We can either equip your shared laundry room free of charge with commercially approved washing machines and dryers. Or we can retrofit your existing equipment with our WeWash Box. The result is the same for you: cost and time savings. The professional machines are manufactured by Bosch exclusively for WeWash and ensure excellent washing and drying results. However, if you have existing machines that are in a good working condition, we can easily retrofit them to modern, cashless operation – regardless of brand or type. Users of your laundry room will benefit from an easy-to-use, digital service and will be able to book machines, check the status of their laundry and pay digitally via the WeWash App.